New Year celebration with Boney M and DiDuLa.


On December 23, 2006, ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ company held a large-scale celebration of New Year for VD Company Group, which featured the world pop music star Boney M and the guitarist DiDuLa.

Over 300 employees of VD Company Group participated in a fabulous, unique New Year party organized and held by ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’.

The corporate New Year party took place in the Elita restaurant, the Rus Hotel.

The event was held in two stages, the first one featuring a mice race, card games with a professional croupier, a pillow battle and an arm-wrestling contest. Everyone willing to take a picture with real polar bears was able to do so.    

Equally interesting and full of action was the second stage with guests including DiDuLia, an artist from Belorussia, and the Kalutsky brothers whose unusual act is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The solemn atmosphere was created by the numerous Santa Clauses of different epochs with the Snow Maidens in silk combinations and wearing wigs styled after the 60-s. A New Year piggy’s congratulation was extremely unusual and jolly.

The guests also enjoyed brilliantly-performed circus acrobatics by the Vamp ballet show, a KVN (smart and witty club) comedy act and a fashion show featuring models in New Year’s swimsuits. Julia Mikhailiova, a jazz singer, captured everybody’s attention due to her singing and a sky-blue dress which took 45 meters of fabric to be sewed.  

‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ prepared a special surprise for the guests – performance of Boney M, the world famous music star. The guests were able to dance to their favorite disco hits known all over the world.   

A traditional way of the New Year’s celebration for the VD became an unforgettable fairy tale, full of unexpected wonders and surprises. At the end, the VD Company Group director presented the organizers the luxurious bouquets, each of them consisted of 99 roses.