PR-education in Ukraine and quality of human resources in communications sector discussed by Valentyn Korolko and other Ukrainian PR-specialists


On March 14, 2012, President of Mainstream Communication & Consulting Valentyn Korolko took part in Public Relations & Communications Forum in Ukraine. In his speech, Valentyn Korolko brought up some sore issues for the whole Ukrainian PR-market, namely touched upon quality of human resources in the industry and problems of PR-education in Ukraine. He gave a short flashback of the history of PR-education development in Ukraine, indicated the main trends in the sphere of PR-education advancement, as well as the employment market demand for skilled specialists in communications, and also provided more details on the master-degree program «Management of Public Relations» of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Besides, he also mentioned the issue of earning a Ph.D. in this sphere, which turned to be of high relevance for PR-specialists.