Best information Christian campaign of the year


Mainstream team co-organized and held a contest for the best Christian awareness campaign of the year. The contest started on December 5, 2011 and lasted for 11 days.

“Each year Christian charity organizations of Ukraine initiate numerous social projects. Nonetheless, only some of them can boast of sustainable information support. Regarding that I am sure that such awards will raise the number of campaigns and motivate for better professional level of similar campaigns,” said Andrey Burkenya, account manager at Mainstream company.

The Best Christian Information Campaign Award ceremony was held within the “Media Mobilization” conference. The jury board comprised of professional journalists, marketing and PR specialists who evaluated the campaigns in accordance with 5 main criteria: topicality, innovativeness and progressiveness of the campaign implementation methods, holding off-line events or work with audience, quality of promo-production, results of the awareness campaign.

The jury members gave their highest evaluation to the project, which was presented in the most competent and detailed way, met the announced criteria, and drew loud response from mass media and society. The winner was the Lviv Publishing House “Svichado”, which had organized a visit of Rev. Ksawery Knotz, the author of the book “Sex that you don't know: for married couples who love God” with support from Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU). The project manager and representative of RISU editorial staff Elena Kulygina noted that, besides the obvious desire to sell the book, they succeeded in reaching other goals as well, namely to present religious literature to the wider readership, to prove that there are qualified specialists in the Church who are ready and capable of answering difficult and pressing questions, and to publicly discuss family values in attractive and popular form.

The second prize went to the information campaign of all-Ukrainian cycle tour “Ukraine Without Orphans”. The project “UPstream Youth Movement” got the third prize.

Apart from the contest organization, Mainstream specialists held two seminars. Roman Maltsev talked on the subject of “Crisis PR: how to stand up to “smear campaigns”. Andriy Burkenya, in his turn, shared recommendations on organization of events for mass media.

“We repeatedly witnessed how the Church and/or its leaders fell victim to “dirty” campaigns of various political figures or business executives. Even social officials try to take credit for what the Church does. All that casts a shadow on the Church’s image and undermines its reputation and authority. The seminar on “Crisis PR: how to stand up to “smear campaigns” aims to help the Church to discern “dirty” technologies and to learn how to fight them,” commented Roman Maltsev, account manager of Mainstream.