Made in Ukraine


The annual international conference ‘DuPont for the Future’ took place in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kiev on April 21-23. In the course of the conference ‘Mainstream’ agency organized and held ‘Made in Ukraine’ VIP-dinner for partners of the ‘DuPont’ company. For many guests it was the first acquaintance with Ukraine, therefore the program of the evening was arranged in such a manner that it reproduced the maximum originality of national traditions and introduced the picturesque and vivid culture of Ukraine to the foreign guests.

So what comes to mind when one thinks of Ukraine? Zaporizhska Sich, great hetmans, lavish hospitality, skillfully embroidered rushnyks (kitchen towels) or scarlet borshch? Or perhaps soulful singing and torrid dances? All these images have been put into life in the program of the evening by the creative group of ‘Mainstream’ agency. The atmosphere of the event, design of premises and each detail on the whole – from invitations to gifts – have turned the evening into unique guidebook to the life of the Ukrainian people.

Guests could not only observe what was happening during the evening, but could take active part in dances, competitions, sport contests, and certainly had a chance to appreciate the taste of genuine Ukrainian dishes. An auction became a cheerful entertainment for participants of the evening, in which they were to pay exclusively with Ukrainian five-kopeck coins, and had to chip in the coins and join the tables in order to get hold of several lots. Vydubychi Monastery Chorus was performing specially for the guests of ‘DuPont’. The invited guests were impressed by the Cossack sword dance and performance of the kobza-player. Foreign guests got an opportunity to try on national costumes from different regions of Ukraine and to become models of the Ukrainian-style fashion-show. The evening culminated in festive cutting of the magnificent party cake and in presentation of gifts from ‘DuPont’ to all guests!

Founded in 1802 in the USA, DuPont has been holding its positions of one of the world's largest industrial transnational corporations for many decades. It remains the leader in production of high-performance materials, chemicals for special purpose, pharmaceuticals, as well as in the field of biotechnology and other key high-tech industries. The company invests over $1 billion annually in scientific researches and developments. Nowadays, DuPont has offices in 70 countries of the world. It has more than 40 research laboratories and enterprises-developers, operating in the USA and 35 - in the eleven countries of the world.