Ukraine stands a chance to become a country without orphans


Mainstream took part in organization of a press conference on occasion of the Adoption Day in Ukraine, which was held in IA «UNIAN» on September 30, 2011.

«Ukraine without Orphans» Alliance, represented by its president Ruslan Malyuta, acted as the event initiator. Special guests were Ukrainian President’s Authorized Representative for Child Rights Yuriy Pavlenko and the Dudnik family, which brought up adopted children.

Petro and Tamara Dudnik, parents of 7 children, 2 of them own and 5 adopted, told about their experience, «Don’t be afraid to adopt children for the reason of ‘bad genes’. There is no such thing as a ‘gene’ of alcoholism or drug addiction. These are acquired behavioral skills, which will never show up in a child if he/she is brought up in loving and caring family.» Besides, parents told about successes of their adoptees in various spheres and about remarkable relations established between the children.

Yuriy Pavlenko congratulated all the present on the holiday and told about achievements in the sphere of orphan children rights protection and about problems that had to be solved. He shared the opinion of the Dudnik family that «the secrecy of adoption» was a vestige of the past, which had to be done away as soon as possible. He noted that over the last 7 years citizens of Ukraine adopted over 35 thousand orphan children. Today over 9.5 thousand children are in care of foster families, family-type orphanages. In his opinion, the state should provide housing and job to all graduates of orphanages. Currently the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine allocates funds on granting assistance to local budgets for implementation of this program. Besides, Yuriy Oleksiyovych asked churches to pray for orphan children and for families that accept them. In his opinion, churches render most active support to destitute children for today.

Ruslan Malyuta told about importance of assisting families, which unlocked their hearts and houses for destitute children. He noted that the parents who adopted children with special physical needs or older children needed support particularly. The Alliance’s plans for future include promotion of children’s adoption, both in Ukraine and among Ukrainian diasporas.

15 representatives of mass media from 5 TV-channels, two radio stations and 6 printed and Internet editions participated in work of the press conference.