Ukraine will celebrate the Fathers Day on September 17


On September 14, Mainstream Communication & Consulting held a press conference devoted to celebration of the Father’s Day, which discussed the most pressing problems of Ukrainian families and possible ways of their solution.

Despite the fact that the Father’s Day is not an official holiday in Ukraine, due to public efforts of Ukrainians it is celebrated for the fourth year in a row. Main objective of this holiday is to involve men in responsible paternity. Speakers of the event were:

  • Pavlo Unguryan — people’s deputy, head of parliamentary group «For Spirituality, Morality and Health of Ukraine»,
  • Olena Tkachenko — regional director of «Helen Doron Early English»,
  • Pavlo Gladchenko — representative of «Ukraine Without Orphans» Alliance, as well as
  • musician and presenter of 1 TV-channel Andriy Kishe, and
  • singer Lilu.

To Pavlo Unguryan’s opinion, much depends on healthy family and the role of a man in it. «If the father’s role goes beyond the financial factor only, and a father understands that he is an educator and a role model for his child, there will be much less smokers, alcoholics and drug-addicted in the country.»

Regional director of «Helen Doron Early English» Elena Tkachenko noted that, according to statistics, mothers participate more actively in education of their children and are more interested in their school activities. «We would like to involve both mothers and fathers in children’s education,» she said. On the occasion of the Father’s Day (which is celebrated on every 3rd Saturday of September) Helen Doron School will present certificates for complimentary education at this school to all the interested fathers who are bringing up children on their own.

21 mass media representatives from 9 TV-channels, 2 radio stations and 7 newspapers attended the press conference.