Cycle tour "Ukraine without orphans" took place in Ukraine


Mainstream Communication & Consulting supported the all-Ukrainian cycle tour "Ukraine without orphans", which was held on June 11-26, 2011. Participants of the cycle tour were 45 adopted children, foster care children, their parents, and inmates of children’s homes.

The purpose of the event was to draw the attention of general public to the problem of orphaned children and offer effective solutions solutions. The president of the "Ukraine Without Orphans" Alliance Ruslan Malyuta and the president of "Pilgrim" Charity Fund Gennadiy Mokhnenko shared about it at a press conference in UNIAN.

Deputy director of the State Department for Adoptions and Protection of Children’s Rights Aksana Filipishyna noted that in 2007 2.5 out of 3.5 thousand children were adopted from abroad however after 2007 the situation changed dramatically. Today 2.5 thousand children are adopted annually by citizens of Ukraine and fewer and fewer by citizens of other states.

During the campaign the cycle tour’s organizers prepared an appeal from the Alliance to the President of Ukraine, Speaker of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Prime Minister, in which they asked to address the most pressing issues in the sphere of rights protection of orphaned children and children deprived of paternal care.

The cycle tour’s organizers stated their concern about the fact that for the 20 years of Ukraine’s independence no national strategy, which would define a common vision and consistent comprehensive approach to ensuring children’s rights in the state, was developed. "Ukraine Without Orphans" Alliance emphasizes in its appeal the importance of creating favorable conditions for development of national adoption. This applies especially to youngsters and children with special needs. Besides, the political will is vital to guide the state’s policy to changeover from orphanages to foster care. It is necessary to enable charities and non-governmental organizations to act efficiently in the sphere of child protection.