The Annual National Prayer Breakfast in  Washington, D.C.


Oleg Gavrysh, the CEO of Mainstream Communication & Consulting, participated as a member of the Ukrainian delegation in the Annual National Prayer Breakfast, which took place in the capital of the United States — Washington, on February 3, 2011.

There were a number of meetings with senators, members of Congress and governors in the course of the National Prayer Breakfast, during which were discussed possibilities for development of mutual relations in political and public lives of the two states. "The Prayer Breakfast has shown that all relationships, either social or business, in a healthy society must have deep spiritual roots and must be built on the universal moral principles, passed on to mankind by God. From this point of view, such events are priceless. Moreover, no one can privatize the Prayer Breakfast, just like no one can claim to have a sole right for God, neither a party nor a corporation, it is only a way to repentance, love and cooperation", says Oleg Gavrysh.

The numerous delegation of Ukraine at the Prayer Breakfast consisted of lawmakers, public figures, representatives of business and financial sectors of our country. "I am a little depressed by the fact that unlike Russia, where people’s representatives on their return from the USA discuss how to make similar prayer breakfasts at home, certain Ukrainian politicians boil down all results of meetings to the level of political quarrels, thus undermining their own reputation rather than the importance of the prayer breakfast. Obviously, some members of the delegation were in the wrong place with the wrong people. Or they have missed  something in their life irrevocably, at least, during these days", states Mr. Gavrysh.

However, he assures that the majority of the Breakfast participants from Ukraine, despite political disagreements, found enough courage to rise over the internal political situation and get a boost of spiritual encouragement. "I believe the people who attended the event for the first time, and others as well, were changed, inspired with the fact that, as it turned out, in the country, which predominates over other capitalist countries economically, spiritual values are above all", says Mikhail Sokolov, a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

The National Prayer Breakfast is held in the USA annually on every first Thursday of February, starting from 1953. This year about 3.5 thousand visitors from more than 140 states of the world attended the meeting — among them were politicians, members of governments, legislators, financiers, representatives of various denominations. The event is organized not by religious organizations, but by the US political organizations and members of the Congress.

The breakfasts are conducted mainly to exchange opinions, solve ongoing issues outside the walls of the parliament. As a rule, the US President speaks at such events.

Barack Obama noted in his address to the guests that the strong presidential power implied the necessity to pray. The president admitted to have had his "ups and downs" in his walk of faith. He also added: "After mistakes and disappointments I wondered what God had in store for me, and found the answer that God not always supported our momentary desires".

The idea of the National Prayer Breakfast belongs to the American conservative evangelist organization "The Fellowship Foundation", which is also known as "The Family".