Why is Ukraine still trainspotting?


On August 17, 2010, Mainstream Communication & Consulting conducted a press conference for the All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations «Movement against Drug Abuse and Narco-corruption» in «Ukrinform» news agency conference hall.

Deputy Head of the State Committee on Narcotic Drugs Control Igor Stasyuk and representatives of «Movement against Drug Abuse and Narco-corruption» participated in the conference. Public activists said that despite all prohibitions there were about 40 spots of drug pushing only in the capital. The rate of drug abuse in Ukraine is among the highest in Europe. Two months ago the Cabinet of Ministers prohibited sale of smoking blends, having set them equal to narcotic substances. However, it is not a problem to find «potion» today. In evidence, journalists were shown a video shot with hidden camera.

In his speech Mr. Stasyuk expressed a hope that a special supervisory board, consisting of non-governmental organizations, would be created to fight narco-corruption. «The public opinion is very important to us. It was the position of non-governmental organizations concerning prohibition of certain substances that was a determinant for us,» Mr. Stasyuk noted.

A flash-mob at Sophia square in Kyiv and a motor race will be arranged in August as a part of the national campaign against drug abuse and narco-corruption. The objective of these events is to draw attention of the public to the problems of drug addiction.

The press conference’s topic aroused interest of more than 20 mass media representatives, including 6 TV-channels, 4 news agencies and one radio station.