Energy hunting


On June 18-20, 2010, Mainstream Communication & Consulting conducted an extreme team-building tour to Ivano-Frankovsk region for top-managers of Donbass Fuel and Energy Company (DTEK) and 12 journalists. During the two-day press tour called «Energy Hunting» participants conquered the top of Goverla mountain, rafted down the mountain river Black Cheremosh, got exposed to Guzul folklore traditions, and while doing all that spent carefree days of vacation in the incredibly picturesque corner of Ukraine.

The event program was arranged in a way that would enable journalists to communicate in informal settings with DTEK top management and take a closer look at the company’s activity and its values. Organizers invented a legend to pin all entertainment components of the event on the company’s activity. The legend says that two Guzul families decided to marry their children, but the power supply was cut off in their village on the eve of the wedding. Therefore, they appealed to DTEK specialists for assistance so that the professionals could bring back light and heating to the mountain-heights dwellers.

A week before the departure every participant received an invitation to the Guzul wedding, handed by a charming girl in a national costume. The invitation letter was printed on a linen napkin with national ornament, which wrapped a pot with Guzul banosh.

On arrival to the Carpathians the participants were to «save the situation» — create an electric power system, which was a hot topic for the region where floods happen a few times a year. They had to produce energy using wind (wind power station) and sun (from solar batteries), transform the obtained energy, construct a power line, and supply energy to «final consumers».

On the first day participants set off for Goverla. Mountain climbing is an excellent way to get to see oneself and others for who they really are (to see the limits of one’s own abilities and real powers) and certainly an incomparable source of inspiration. Stormy wind, cold, pouring rain, and fog were a major challenge for participants, however the wayfarers conquered the peak having demonstrated firmness and team spirit.

Mainstream team made sure that experienced instructors accompanied the group. Besides, all participants received complimentary sets of branded merchandise, which proved to be extremely useful during the ascent of Goverla. Participants hoisted victoriously the DTEK flag on the top of the mountain, unplugged accumulator from the wind-powered generator, and started not any less complicated descent carrying it on their shoulders. It was a special victory for Galyna Reznik who nobly conquered the peak in order to make her dream come true, which was to smoke a cigarette there! The nature subdued by journalists was smiling with sun during the descent and changed as if in kaleidoscope the incredible pictures of the Carpathians incomprehensible splendor.

In the evening the heroes-climbers were treated to a delicious dinner, Russian billiard tournament and performances of the folk band. The guests not only heard the Guzul music but also tried their hand at playing the trembita, pipe and cymbalo.

On the second day the participants had to produce solar energy by rafting down the river to Х point. Divided into groups, they had a 28 km long extreme adventure down the dangerous mountain river. The participants noted that there was everything: dangerous rocks, steep rapids, pirate attacks, falls into water, relaxation under the waterfall and even «water cows»! When they returned and started the energy system, they were invited as honorary guests to the Guzul wedding with Guzul Song And Dance Company. 56 professional performers danced and sang throughout the evening. After congratulations to the newly-weds guests from the capital broke into dances. The evening ended with karaoke as always!

According to the results of participants’ polling, the event won high appraisal of journalists. Journalist of «RBC-Ukraine» Igor Vorontsov said: «If every event of yours is that good, you won’t have any rivals at all!» Yevgeniy Zagorulko, Head of External Communications Department of DTEK, said that the press tour was organized at a highly professional level. He noted: «It is particularly pleasant that all ideas, which were generated in the process of the event preparation, have found their worthy embodiment. A special thanks for observance of time and responsible attitude of all Mainstream specialists to every tiny detail. It is reflected in positive responses which I still receive from journalists.»