Smoking blends are prohibited in Ukraine


From now on smoking blends are entered into the list of narcotic drugs in Ukraine, just like in European countries, the USA and Russia. The corresponding decision was approved owing to resolute actions of public organizations that came forward with the initiative to enter smoking blends into the list of narcotic substances and achieved prohibition of their distribution within the two-month period.

An All-Ukrainian campaign «Ukraine is no Bombay» commenced in Odessa in the beginning of April, 2010. Later Kiev hosted a roundtable, where over 10 public organizations made a decision to go to the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers with a demand to assist in prohibition of these blends’ free sale in the earliest possible timeframe.

«Daily one such outlet in Kiev brings to legal criminals from 8 000 UAH to 20 000 UAH, and it is a profit of one outlet only! Internet Party of Ukraine and public organization „Quality of Life“, headed by an MP Oleksiy Goncharenko, delivered a tangible blow to these merchants of death. I take it to be our important victory and I would like to thank all mass media representatives who did not disregard this problem,» declared Dmytro Golubov, leader of the Internet Party of Ukraine. «Quality of Life» organization and the Internet Party of Ukraine jointly with All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations «Movement against Drug Abuse and Narco-corruption», «Obshchee Delo» («Common Cause»), «People’s Alliance», «Mainstream Communication & Consulting», «Committee on Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption» and young activists from different cities participated in the national campaign outside the Cabinet of Ministers on April 15.

Participants held slogans «NO to drugs!», «We want to see our children alive!», «Stop genocide!», etc. «Community initiative, the campaign publicity, clear demands, their proper communication to the general public gave positive results. The authorities regarded this issue with favor and it is one of the few positive results, which is worthy of respect in terms of mutual understanding and synergy of efforts of authorities and people so far,» considers Oleg Gavrysh, Director of Mainstream Communication & Consulting. The delegation of the meeting’s participants was invited to the session of the Cabinet of Ministers, where they met with representative of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Cabinet Secretariat. Officials promised that the demands stated in the meeting’s resolution would be included in the CMU Decree, which governed that issue, in the nearest future. Already on May 31, 2010, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with its decree No.373 made amendments to the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors.