Mainstream joined the Expert Council of Interfactional Deputy’s Group


On April 15, 2010, a joint program of actions for handling of social problems of the society was discussed at the session of the Interfactional Deputy’s Group «For Spirituality, Morality and Health of Ukraine» with the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sport.

40 organizations joined the Expert Council (7 groups) under the Interfactional Deputy’s Group by results of the meeting. Director of Mainstream Communication & Consulting Oleg Gavrysh joined the Expert Council on issues of legislation and state policy reformation in the sphere of mass media relations.

«Today at the meeting people’s deputies brought up an issue that the state didn’t have a chance to and didn’t know how to exercise informational protection of its interests. In a totalitarian society there is a thread of concentrating all communication tools in hands of a dictator or one party, while in our democratically underdeveloped society the government has no chance and is unable to protect interests of its citizens,» considers Mr. Gavrysh.

«I entirely agree with Aleksandr Volkov that the issues of morality, physical and spiritual health require both movement from below and support from above. Today Ukraine must not be turned into a moral-banana territory, which swallows any pledges of the European society or global postmodernism. We have our own centuries-old values and by choosing the best in the West and in the East we may create our own trends, which will not infringe on freedoms of citizens, but will be committed to the centuries-old values, moral and spiritual above all,» says the expert. The session discussed carrying out of joint programs against alcoholism, tobacco smoking, drug addiction, human traffic, and HIV/AIDS spread, issues of gender policy, family protection against violence, including informational violence, elaboration of projects on social advertising, cooperation with non-governmental organizations in preparation to Euro 2012, as well as necessity of sports and health institutions for children and young people.

«Our Expert Council is open and we invite mass media representatives, communication experts, and all whose who care about the future of Ukraine. Together we can and must protect freedom of speech, civil liberties as well as plant seeds of light and purity, morality and spirituality regardless of race or religion,» appeals Oleg Gavrysh.

The following people’s deputies participated in the discussion: E. Tedeiev, D. Vetvitskiy, E. Tsarkov, V. Konstantinov, E. Dobriak, A. Koshel, A. Volkov, A. Plotnikov, V. Sinchenko, V. Kamchatniy, as well as representatives of 40 public and private organizations, including Committee on Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption, Association of Social Advertisement Customers and Producers of Ukraine, Mainstream Communication & Consulting, Association of Journalists «Novomedia», All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, Social Movement «Sober Ukraine», Social Movement «For Future Without Smoking», Young Christians Union of Ukraine, etc.