Ukrainian celebrities signed the Declaration of Respect


On March 3, 2010, on the eve of the International Women’s Day took place the solemn ceremony of signing the "Declaration of Respect".

The Declaration is in support of equal rights and opportunities of women and men in Ukraine. For this event Mainstream Communication & Consulting invited Ukrainian celebrities to participation in this action and organized a series of exclusive interviews at the top ranking TV-channels of the country.

Mykhailo Volynets, Raisa Sorochynska-Kyrylenko, Valentyn Korolko, Lilia Podkopaeva, Pavlo Unguryan, Oleg Rybachyuk, Iryna Marleni, Andriy Kishe, Oleksandr Marchenko, Oksamyta, Vlada Prokaeva, Denis Silantyev, Mykola Syrokvash, Yulianna, as well as other famous artists, sportsmen, politicians, businessmen, journalists, representatives of international organisations and EU embassies in Ukraine signed today the "Declaration of Respect" and demonstrated their commitment to this initiative.

Text of the "Declaration of Respect":

  • I respect equal rights between women and men.
  • I respect and protect the rights of children.
  • I respect and provide equal opportunities for women and men.
  • I respect and support responsible parenting.
  • I abhor all forms of violence.
  • Let’s respect each other in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Nearly half of Ukrainian population suffers from domestic violence in their lives. 75% of victims of domestic violence are women. Women also endure discrimination in the field of work e.g. women are paid 20% — 30% less than men for similar kinds of work in Ukraine. Inequality also affects family relations and children rights protection.

Official signing of the "Declaration of Respect" marks the beginning of a sustained information campaign, which aims for resolving these problems.

The event is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports, and the European Union, in close cooperation with the EU-funded projects implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine, UNICEF, Council of Europe, and International Labour Organisation.

The campaign "Declaration of Respect" is devoted to the International Women’s Day promoting the principle "Equal rights, equal opportunities: progress for all" with the support of "National Network of Men-Leaders against Violence".