PRESSzvanie on a visit to the European Business Association


February 25 saw a presentation of International Contest «Prize of Business Circles «PRESSzvanie 2009» for the European Business Association.

The project managers Andrey Burkenya and Svetlana Sverchkova, accompanied by Margarita Ormotsadze, the Supervisory Board representative and editor of the «Economics» column in the «Focus» magazine, told about five years of the Contest history, its peculiarities and most interesting moments.

The Contest not only enables to determine the very best journalists of the country but also explicitly promotes the development of international journalism standards.

The Contest nominees are business journalists and editors, whose immediate task is to gather information about current developments in the economic life of the country, processes, trends, results, and people, as well as to analyze, publish and distribute it through various mass media.

The jury consists of business executives — company top managers, corporate specialists on communications and public relations, and industry analysts.

Within the framework of the Contest are held sessions of the PRESSclub. It enables journalists to participate in master-classes and workshops, as well as to attend foreign summits and conferences.

Every year the Contest gathers pace, expands its activities: the number of participants increases, the methodology is being polished up, and the dynamics of the Contest perception changes as well: disapproval and skepticism are replaced with positive attitude and participation in the Contest. In the course of the years, contest PRESSzvanie has gained credibility and popularity. It is interesting for both journalists and business executives.

«We look forward to our cooperation with the European Business Association because we have much in common: Ukrainian journalism and business must develop in accordance with European standards,» noted Svetlana Sverchkova.

Note to editors:

Mainstream Communication & Consulting owns exclusive rights to conduct the Contest in Ukraine.

Established in 1999, the European Business Association is the leading organization of international business in Ukraine, which brings together over 750 European, Ukrainian and multinational companies.