Mainstream – copartner of All-Ukrainian Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations


On February 19, 2010 All-Ukrainian Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations, initiated by the Committee against Organized Crime and Corruption, commenced its work in Odessa.

Over 500 representatives of non-governmental organizations from practically all regions of Ukraine, politicians and human rights activists participated in the Forum.

Oleksiy Kosarev, head of the Committee against Organized Crime and Corruption, declared that the Forum objective was to create an independent public council in Ukraine. It would focus its activity, in the first place, on fighting corruption and administrative derelictions. "We all know that our government system got rotten to the core. If it goes on this way, our state may vanish in the nearest future. There is no place to find truth today. It is useless to go to the law, to deputies at the local level. If a deputy or an official is decent, he turns into a victim of the system," considers Mr. Kosarev.

By results of the Forum was signed a Memorandum "About Creation of Public Chamber of Ukraine as an Independent Government Body." The Chamber’s objective will be to control activity of all branches of government. According to the organizers’ plans, further preparation for creation of this independent government body will take nearly a month.

Vitaliy Alaybov, Forum participant and leader of the citizens’ initiative "Odessa Begins with Us!": "Today we have a group of villains, who seized the power, that are destroying the society by trying to impose their interests. Our society lacks the mechanism of control over the authority. Those, who are trying to assist people in handling their problems, are classified by corrupted officials as bandits," recapped the politician. As an instance, he mentioned the situation with postponement of local elections, having noted that people were placed in circumstances where they could not affect the course of events.

Head of All-Ukrainian Union of Public Organizations "Movement against Drug Abuse and Narco-corruption" Roman Trokhin noted that despite the presence of regulatory basis, ordinary Ukrainians were often temped to solve their problems by official bribery. To change the situation, it is necessary to conduct outreach and awareness-raising work, explaining what rights they have.

Mainstream Communication & Consulting provided PR-support to the Forum. In the course of the event was organized a press briefing, during which journalists had a possibility to get the first-hand relevant information and obtain exclusive interviews. 12 mass media representatives (including 5 TV-channels) took part in the Forum work.