Awarding of rating winners


Parliament member Palvo Unguryan was solemnly awarded with honorary diploma by results of rating of activity of people’s deputies of the sixth Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, on January 21. Mainstream Communication & Consulting was engaged in carrying out of researches and winners’ awarding.

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk solemnly handed a diploma ‘For vigorous activity of young deputies’ to Pavlo Unguryan, in accordance with the rating nomination. According to Leonid Makarovych, "Pavlo is one of young deputies who actively study, perceive everything new and show high Christian ethics."

Mainstream president Valentyn Korolko says, "One of our nominations was a nomination ‘For vigorous activity of young deputies’. That was not by accident, because it was important for us to see how young deputies elected to Verkhovna Rada were working. Did they have a potential of giving birth to a new group of deputies? Being guided by this idea, we examined the profile of young deputies’ legislative initiatives. For instance Pavlo Unguryan, who recently headed the parliamentary group ‘For Spirituality, Morality and Health of Ukraine’, was recognized the most active deputy in the sixth parliament session."