Ukrainians may turn into the drunkest nation on the planet


On December 21, 2009, took place a press conference dealing with problems of children’s alcoholism in Ukraine, Mainstream Communication & Consulting acted as the event organizer.

During raids to shops in various cities, which were performed at the initiative of NGO „Committee against Organized Crime and Corruption“, were detected cases of alcohol sale to teenagers. Although the law forbids sale of alcohol to children, not a single sale point lost the license and was not punished. Oleksandr Volodichev, Head of public movement „Obshee Delo“ (Common Cause), believes that militiamen are concerned with penalties only, instead of the problem solution. Besides, they are going to impose penalties on children or their parents, instead of sellers, since children break the law and buy alcohol.

Oleksiy Kosarev reminds that NGO „Committee against Organized Crime and Corruption“ submitted to Verkhovna Rada a bill „About imposition of curfew and strengthening of control over alcohol sale to minor“ in September of the current year. In his turn, Chairman of regional organization of party „Spravedlivost“ (Justice) and a candidate for mayor of Odessa Vitaliy Alaibov considers that politicians do not want to give sufficient consideration to this question since they are afraid that the society will not support them.