Gambling business is prohibited. Game is over.


On December 9, 2009, Mainstream Communication & Consulting conducted a press conference, dedicated to issues of gambling business control, in the „Interfax-Ukraine“ news agency.

During the press conference, representatives of the NGO „Committee against Organized Crime and Corruption“ announced results of regional raids to gambling venues. It turned out that about 60% of casinos and gambling halls in Ukraine, which had existed prior to the law about prohibition of the gambling business, continued working. Now gambling venues are functioning under the guise of Internet-clubs. Some of them are acting straightforward while others introduce limitations — club cards.

A serious problem is that after law enforcement officers shut the casino down, it renews operations the very next day. „This permissiveness proves that our militia benefits from the law because today militia is pocketing the funds, which used to be paid to the state earlier. We see the only solution to the existing situation in upgrading of penalties for similar violations,“ considers the committee deputy head Georgiy Bloshchystay.

According to the parliament member Pavlo Unguryan, a bill „About introduction of criminal responsibility for organization of gambling business in Ukraine“ has already been registered in Verkhovna Rada and is ready for consideration. The bill reads that any Internet-casino, irrespective of its server location, shall be deemed a gambling business. The new bill stipulates 3-to-5 year imprisonment to organizers of the gambling business.