Mainstream and CROS have become OlymPR-men!


Employees of Ukrainian ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ agency took part in the PR-Olympiad dedicated to celebration of birthday of Russian ‘CROS’ Public Relations Company, being held on the territory of the Moscow recreation center ‘Planernoye’ on June 7, 2008.

A magnificent holiday on occasion of the 11th anniversary of CROS was held in one of the most picturesque districts of Moscow, on the territory of ‘Planernoye’ recreation center. 140 employees of ‘CROS’ were the heroes of the occasion who gave a warm reception to 17 guests from Ukraine. PR-managers of the two countries decided to wage a competition in the PR-Olympiad in addition to the excellent opportunity to relax, get acquainted, and communicate in the homelike atmosphere. Geographical remoteness of the offices did not affect the dialogue of the two teams. On the contrary, sports events united them and inspirited to new feats.

Competitions started with the Olympic flame lighting ceremony and the congratulatory speech from heads of CROS: Sergey Zverev and Anna-Maria Ryklina. Competitions lasted for over three hours during which teams were measuring their strengths and demonstrating all their skills. Events developed dynamically: football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, chess, and backgammon – the players had to spare no efforts. As it was the first chance for the Ukrainian team to become true OlymPR-men, there was no alternative for them but to show that the gifted people are gifted in everything, and mainstreamers are successful not only as event organizers, but also as event participants. They brought 20 medals to Kiev!

Active sports actions were duly followed by the celebratory dinner with a dainty birthday cake, toasts, gifts giving, and awarding of the best employees CROS. Ukrainian guests decided to make their congratulation in the form of a mini-show in the national style, having thus amused the birthday boys and girls. The solemn speech was delivered in Ukrainian, but with obligatory translation into Russian. The big day was finished with rave-up disco, which charged everyone with positive energy for a twelvemonth ahead!

“Team of ‘Mainstream’ congratulates heartily the team of ‘CROS’ on its birthday and is thankful for the opportunity to take part in this unforgettable holiday, which gave us a whirlwind of emotions, keenness for the game and enabled us to become participants of real Olympic Games! We hope that our communication will be continued in the nearest future but already in Ukraine when our Russian partners will come to our birthday!” – Marina Bevzenko, the PR-manager of ‘Mainstream’, has noted.


‘CROS’ Public Relations Company is among the most influential players on the Russian market of PR-services, which renders information-and-analysis and consulting services, provides organization of special events and interviews, distribution of information materials in mass-media, carrying out the promotional, educational and publicity campaigns and some other services in the field of Public Relations. State structures of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Turkey, large financial establishments and industrial companies are among clients of ‘CROS’.