Presentation of ‘Invest-Protection’ product to Ukrainian consumers

‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ has arranged a press-lunch with participation of companies ‘Millennium Assets Management’, ‘Millennium Investment’, and IC ‘Oranta-Life’ in ‘Mario’ Restaurant in Kiev on June 12, 2008, dedicated to presentation of a joint product ‘Invest-Protection’.

Journalists were told about the new program ‘Invest-Protection’. The product is important today because it has integrated the program of life insurance and the investment component, being aimed at saving and accumulation of clients’ means and protection against every possible risk. Already 20 contracts have been signed with clients only for the first week (the product is offered for sale in the market of Ukraine from June 1, 2008). Representatives of the companies hope for further successful promotion of the product, being based upon foreign experience and development of domestic insurance and crediting markets. Unit-Linked products are among the most popular tools in the market of insurance and investment services in all developed countries of the world because they represent successful symbiosis of these two directions.

Journalists found out about opportunities of the new product, its further promotion and strategic partnership of the companies from:

    * Nina Kravchenko, General Director in ‘Millennium Asset Management’;
    * Konstantin Kirichenko, Director for company development in ‘Millennium Asset Management’;
    * David Oren, President of IC ‘Oranta-Life’;
    * Snezhana Bykova, deputy Chairman of Board in IC ‘Oranta-Life’;
    * Tatyana Semenova, Director of ‘Millennium Investment’.

15 representatives of mass-media participated in the event, among them 3 TV-channels, 10 printed editions, and 2 news agencies.

Companies hope for further successful cooperation with mass-media as the level of financial competence of Ukrainians remains extremely low for today.

1. ‘Millennium Asset Management’ was established in 2002 and belongs to ‘Millennium Capital’ Group of Companies. AMC ‘Millennium Asset Management’ assumes management of three public investment funds for today: closed-end undiversified corporate investment fund ‘Millennium Progress’, opened-end equity diversified funds ‘Millennium Balanced’ and ‘Millennium Capital Protection’, assets of which amount to 18.7 million UAH as of May 15, 2008. Physical persons and legal entities, residents and non-residents of Ukraine can become investors of the mentioned funds. Two new public corporate investment funds ‘Millennium Real Estate’ and ‘Millennium Progress-2’ are at the stage of registration. AMC assumes management of ‘Trident Capital’ and ‘Millennium Property Development’ venture equity investment funds. Size of assets in management of all funds of AMC ‘Millennium Asset Management’ has made up 23.3 million UAH as of April 30, 2008. ‘Millennium Capital’ Group of Companies was established in 2000 and carries out transactions with over 400 investors from the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Volume of transactions in the stock market has amounted to ?140 million by results of 2007.,

2. ‘Millennium Investment’ renders to its clients consulting services and services of support in choosing among the wide range of products of insurance, stock, bank and other sectors of financial market. Main principles of the company activity: individual approach, confidentiality, priority of a client’s economic interests over interests of credit and financial organizations.

3. JSC ‘Insurance Company ‘Oranta-Life’ specializes in rendering the full range of life insurance services. License of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine series ÀÁ No. 123970 of 4/11/2005. Equity capital of the company amounts to 30 million UAH ($6 million) as of May 29, 2008. Shareholders of the company are: JSC ‘Affiliated Company of Bank TuranAlem ‘BTA Insurance’ (49.98%), NJSIC ‘Oranta’ (13.50%), ‘MT Invest’ (12.68%), and JSC ‘Uni-Finance’ (23.84%). ‘Oranta-Life’ actively develops its own agency network and plans to launch 6 regional sales managements and over 20 departments in the largest cities and regional centers of Ukraine till the end of 2008.