International Public Relations Summit: glance into the future

The President of Mainstream Communication & Consulting Valentin Korolko took part in the forth annual International Public Relations Association (IPRA) Summit that was held in London on June 8-10, 2008.

During two days of the Summit 158 PR-specialists from 56 countries of the world were discussing such topics as global fight for talents in PR field; future global trends; global PR-campaigns: best practice examples; importance of communication during conflicts; PR and environmental problems. A part of the event was dedicated to awarding the winners of the International contest IPRA Golden World Awards for excellence in PR in 28 categories.

The participants attention was focused on a vital question: How to use global changes in clients interest and what is the role of PR in this situation? Fast-moving processes of the modern world and transformations in the field of information turn market players into global partners in their day-to-day life. Here again the importance of PR increases immensely, which is about the effective combination of its functions and expertise. In their dialogue about the future, PR-specialists have come to a conclusion that PR must become an interdisciplinary profession, which could seamlessly work in different cultures.

Valentin Korolko: IPRA Summit and participation in its work is the major site for sharing experience and acquaintance with the best practice of various countries of the world, and a place for establishing personal contacts which always have continuation and consequences in work of every IPRA member.