Deadlines off! Have a rest!

‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ carried out corporate holiday for 60 employees of the News agency ‘Ukrainian News’ on June 14, on occasion of the Journalists Day.

Employees of the News agency ‘Ukrainian News’ decided to celebrate their annual summer professional holiday – the Day of Journalists –among lakes and picturesque meadows of the ‘Country-Club’ in Koncha-Zaspa.

“Journalists and workers of media-business deal with the notion ‘deadline’ more frequently than representatives of other professions. We decided that the holiday must take place under the slogan ‘!’ so that the workers of pen, keyboard and thoughts could finally unbend to their heart’s content. The event will be held in the atmosphere of freedom and will be a pleasant leisure-time in every respect and for all tastes,” noted Darya Marchenko, the Head of Event Department in ‘Mainstream’.

Road to the destination place was very quickly and cheerfully because amusements began already in the bus – employees of the Agency were to depict the images, which they associated with the notion, on sheets of paper under conditions of the trip. Charming hostesses in playsuits welcomed the arrived employees of the ‘Ukrainian News’ after the journey and gave them detailed maps with all the locations marked. The MC in the likeness of editor-in-chief appeared on the stage while guests were gathering at the ready covered tables for a light lunch. He assigned an important job to the present company and informed that deadline was set for 5.00 p.m. on that day. The job was to try out all attractions and sideshows and to receive as many points for it as possible. And guests rushed for the locations having heard the ‘go-ahead’ signal in order to fulfill the task.

Guests were offered to demonstrate their ability to have fun by taking part in trophy-raids on quad bikes, championships on golf, volleyball and frisbee, jumping the Chinese rope for ladies, running the squirrel wheels, shoot-the-bottle game, fishing, and races on inflatable boats. Seekers of less extreme amusements could enjoy themselves in the hookah-cafe or in the ‘Fat Duck’ bar, jolly barmen and waiters of which were able to cheer up even to the gloomiest visitors. Journalists had an opportunity to make their craziest ideas come true within the scope of the bar’s CRAZY-menu.

The second part of celebration began at 5.00 p.m., right after the ‘deadline’ fell. The editor-in-chief (idem – MC) gathered all guests about the fire and informed on the beginning of the party ‘’. All journalists had to undergo the initiation ceremonies: they danced to the thunder of the drums, drank from kegs with inscriptions ‘Dead Water’ and ‘Live Water’, jumped over the fire and repeated magic spells. Afterwards all visitors were led by the MC to the festive dinner and the show-program.

That evening had proven – DEADLINES are really OFF!

We will pass over hailstones, downpours and stormy wind of that day in silence in this article – all's well that ends well!

“The ‘Ukrainian News’ agency arranges corporate events twice a year therefore its employees are able to appreciate the professionalism and the level of an event organization. Work of ‘Mainstream’ specialists under force majeure deserves special admiration. The holiday and all employees of the Agency have received a charge of positive emotions and excellent mood owing to their dexterity and endurance,” said Larissa Gorskaya, the Director of the News agency “Ukrainian News”.