Ukrainian football against drugs

Finals of all-Ukrainian campaign ‘Football of Ukraine against Drugs’ took place in Kiev on the International Day of Struggle against Drugs, on June 26, 2008. ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ acted as co-organizer of the event.

The opening ceremony had gathered representatives of companies-organizers of the event, namely: ‘All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS’, ICF ‘Federation Club House’, ICF ‘International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine’, ICF of Liliya Podkopaeva ‘Health of Generations’, and ‘International Relief and Development’ (IRD).

Tournament ‘Football against Drugs’ takes place the third year running. Both HIV-positive people and those, who have overcome chemical addiction in their lives, participated in the competitions. Qualifying games were held practically in all regions of the country within the two last months. Eight teams-winners come together on the territory of the Sports Center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to play the finals.

A people’s deputy Pavel Unguryan noted, acting at the opening of the tournament: ‘The campaign ‘Football against Drugs’ is an effective method of promoting the healthy lifestyle among youth. There are over 1 000 000 drug abusers and 500 000 HIV-positive persons in the country for today. It is necessary to join efforts of governmental, charitable and commercial organizations to resist these diseases of the society because only together we can overcome these problems. Social programs are generally aimed at settlement of consequences, instead of at elimination of original source of problems. I am convinced that it is necessary in the first place to draw attention of the young generation to moral and spiritual values’.

Vladimir Zhovtyak, the Head of Coordination Board of ‘All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH’, expressed his gratitude to organizers and participants of the tournament for their special contribution to the cause of overcoming HIV/AIDS epidemics and struggle against HIV-discrimination in Ukraine. ‘It is a unique project, being primary aimed at overcoming the discrimination against people living with HIV; against drug abusers. Every drug-addicted person will believe that there is a life “after”, having seen these healthy, strong, dexterous, and cheerful guys’, he said.