Story of EastOne journeys

‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ held celebration of the first birthday of EastOne International Investment Advisory Group on July 18, 2008.

260 employees of ‘EastOne’ participated in the corporate holiday, which took place in the elite out-of-town club ‘Dva Bobry’. The first year of the company’s active work was crowned with the round-the-world journey under the title of ‘Round-the-world Day Away’. The birthday people experienced exciting adventures and found out about peculiarities of having rest in such countries as Scotland, Tanzania, Monaco, Turkey, the USA, Korea, Brazil, Jamaica, Finland and Japan within one day only. Solemn celebration of the birthday was thought out and kept up to the standards of the brand ‘EastOne’, being the interpretation of the company’s leadership positions in the world.

The mega-journey started with a light repast and congratulation from the heads of the company. The first country, visited by the birthday men-cosmopolitans, was our native Ukraine! ‘Zaporozhye Cossacks’ horse theatre performed a fascinating show with astounding stunts on horses. Thereafter, all the willing could get practical trainings on mastering Cossack fighting arts and potter craft. The further events of the holiday were developing more cheerfully and dynamically, and guest had no time to get bored. Various attractions worked simultaneously. Participants of the event were mixing entertainments according to their desires and mood all the day long.

Races on quad bikes over the neighboring sand dunes and illimitable field spaces of Tanzania, cart-racing in Monaco, paintball, and Latin dance-studio with passionate Amador were much sought after. All the interested could try themselves in the attraction ‘Rodeo Wild West’. Both men and women were trying to keep the saddle on a furious bull. Guest got an opportunity to play beach volleyball on sand of Jamaica and football a la Brazil. There was a Finnish fishing and a karaoke-bar for enthusiasts of restful holidays. The dynamic action was followed by a magnificent solemn banquet plentifully stocked with delicious food. The merry celebration was ended with dances to the music of ‘Junkoy Brothers’ band.

A group of reporters was getting sudden interviews and was tracing the most ridiculous moments of merriment throughout the event that contributed to the guests’ enthusiasm. Already in the end of the event was demonstrated a corporate film about celebration of the first birthday of the company. It was very cheerful event, and its organization was highly appreciated by heads and employees of ‘EastOne’.


International Investment Advisory Group ‘EastOne’ was established in 2007 by Victor Pinchuk. The group provides strategic and investment management services to a diversified portfolio of assets across multiple geographies and industry sectors. In addition, the Group also advises on corporate social responsibility, broader social innovations and not-for-profit activities.