Birthday party of Mainstream or why together because…

‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ together with its Russian partner – ‘CROS’ Public Relations Company celebrated the fourth Birthday of the PR-agency on ‘Trukhanov’ resort on July 26, 2008!

Employees of the two companies met once again on a corporate weekend, this time on occasion of Mainstream’s Birthday. The event was organized as a sailor party with astonishing surprises throughout the day. The phrase “together because…” was used as the motto of the holiday, and heroes of the occasion had to answer the question: why are we all together? Despite the young age of the company, ‘Mainstream’ is already among the leaders of Ukrainian PR-communications market. Our team of like-minded persons has implemented over 150 projects, including author’s projects, within the 4 years of the company’s activity, which were marked with various awards. It all results from diligent work of the tight-knit team of professionals.

All guests received extraordinary invitations a day before the party – cans of sprats, on labels of which guests could find detailed description of the program for the day of the party. Guests from Moscow were not neglected either. A merry old salt with a life buoy and the ‘sprats’ met them at the airport.

Meeting of Russian and Ukrainian employees was very cheerful and warm in contrast to the dull weather. Participants put on sailor's striped vests and flame-colored bandannas and raised their glasses with cocktails to birthday men from Kiev and visitors from Moscow. The entertaining program consisted of various water attractions, relax-zones, scooter-driving up and down the Dnepr, paintball, volleyball, lawn tennis and ping-pong. All in all, everyone could find activities to their likings. Some guests were eagerly fishing and discussing the features of Ukrainian and Russian fishing. Birthday men and their guests were enjoying the dainty dishes and cocktails, easy conversations and absence of the rain during the party. There was also a master-class on Latina dances. Multicolored feathers, bright dresses, free movements and rhythmical music - what can be more exotic than Brazilian Carnival on the banks of Dnieper?

The birthday party was crowned with the solemn banquet. This energetic climax of the day included the ceremony of awarding the most active participants of the celebration and was filled with jokes and debates about “together because”. Congratulations from Russian colleagues were certainly the brightest part of the party! Congratulatory speech was translated into two languages of the cognate states in accordance with the established tradition. ‘Mainstream’ was presented with unusually beautiful painted samovar and tea-set, a bunch of traditional Russian bread rings and a huge bottle of Smirnoff. Video from the previous meeting of the two companies in Moscow during the celebration of the 11th anniversary of CROS evoked heart-whole laughs and pleasant memories. Sitting at the table all employees wished many happy returns of the day to Elena Gashkova, the chief accountant of ‘Mainstream’. She in turn gave her warm wishes of success, prosperity and effective cooperation to the company present. After that, according to the program, there were greetings from the event-department of ‘Mainstream’: specialists of the department put on oriental gowns and performed an unforgettable belly-dance for the guests. The merry celebration ended with dances to the music of ‘Jokers’ band.

Russian colleagues from CROS shared their impressions after the holiday: ‘Whirlpool of Mainstream has brought us many bright, impetuous emotions. You can feel that this is a real team, being able to both work professionally and to have lots of fun together. That day has complimented us with many smiles and excellent mood for the whole year. CROS and Mainstream – The best of the dream’.