Mainstream held record number of events for Viasat

Mainstream Communication & Consulting has held 20 events of various formats in 16 cities of Ukraine in the course of the long-term communication program of promotion of the brand satellite television Viasat in Ukraine.

Weve been actively working on events for the brand Viasat over the last six months. The project is unique due to the fact that master-classes and presentations had to be organized simultaneously in different cities all over the country. We tried to refer each event creatively and inimitably, having organized the whole complex of works professionally and with regard to interests of the Client and peculiarities of target audiences in each city, - noted Konstantin Chibizov, the project manager.

The bowling-club Chameleon hosted the meeting of satellite television Viasat dealers, who represent the brand in the three cities of Ukraine: Vinnitsa, Zhytomir and Kiev, on August 6, 2008. It was an amusing and rather dynamical evening: the discussion of the first results of work and the further terms of cooperation has smoothly passed into the bowling competition, with subsequent spectacular award ceremony and magnificent buffet table!

Weve already mentioned that the Viasat service is rendered in Ukraine by the company Vision TV, the first national licensed provider of the program service of satellite TV. For today Viasat offers over 50 channels of its own production, being broadcast in 24 countries of the world, as well as free TV-channels, available in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Czechia, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, and in the Balkans. The total number of Viasat TV-audience amounts to over 100 million persons.