1st International Christian Youth Congress started in Odessa

Mainstream Communication & Consulting held a press-conference in the UNIAN news agency on August 20, 2008, dedicated to the launch of the 1st International Christian Youth Congress.

2 500 delegates from 15 countries of the world will come to Odessa to the 1st International Christian Youth Congress on August 26. The main objective of the Congress is to discuss the vital problems of the modern youth and to find opportunities to change the situation for the better. They are going to talk about such problems as drug addiction, teenage alcoholism (in which Ukraine has the world lead), the increasing number of HIV-positive people, disintegration of families, homeless children, etc.

Carrying out of the Congress in Ukraine was supported by the Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sport Yuriy Pavlenko; Verkhovna Rada Committee on Family, Youth Policy and Sports; Verkhovna Rada Committee on Culture and Spirituality; and the State Committee on Nationalities and Religions of Ukraine.

Statements of the press-conference participants have shown that Christian youth of the CIS and the Baltics is not going to refrain from solution of social and spiritual problems which are widely spread among the present-day generation of young people. Having cited the deplorable statistical data the participants declared that they were going to take an active stand against the developed situation, using every possible resource for this purpose.

Pavel Unguryan, a people's deputy of Ukraine and the coordinator of the Congress, noted: What we do on the legislative level, namely a number of social bills, does not solve the problem in full. These measures are focused on struggle against consequences, and it is necessary to remove the cause lack of moral and spiritual values of the young generation.

Pavel Unguryan answered the question why they did not make similar attempts earlier: Christians of different countries have been conducting active social and spiritual activity at national levels already for a long time. Very few people know that 30% of all social activity in Ukraine is implemented by Christian volunteers. It is evident for today that the majority of Christian movements in different countries have made such a progress that we can move to the international level and join our efforts. And this first meeting is a natural sequence of the many years active work of the Christian youth in different countries.

The press-conference was attended by over 20 representatives of the mass-media from political editions, news agencies and Christian news web-sites (among which: 3 TV-channels, 2 radio stations, 4 news agencies, etc.). Journalists got an opportunity not only to ask their questions, but also to interview individuals. A people's deputy of Ukraine Pavel Unguryan, who acted as the organizer of the Congress, thanked Mainstream in the end of the event for active and professional work. TV news reports and materials on the Internet that have already been released about the forthcoming event have demonstrated the high level of informational and organizational preparation of the event.

Reference information:

Pavel Unguryan a peoples deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Block of Yulia Tymoshenko), the Head of Odessa regional organization Batkivshchyna Moloda, the Head of all-Ukrainian organization Society of Young Christians of Ukraine which implements a number of programs, namely: STOP DRUGS, WORTH LIVING, CLEAR EYES, aimed at overcoming such problems as drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, abortions, etc.