1st All-Ukrainian Forum Importance of Fathers role in family and society

Solemn opening of All-Ukrainian Forum Importance of Fathers role in family and society took place in the International Center of Culture and Arts Octobers Palace on September 18.

The event was initiated by social organization International Paternity Center and Mainstream Communication & Consulting and was held with active support of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sport.

The Forum was preceded by a press-conference, participants of which discoursed upon the following questions: adoption of the public initiative Fathers Day in Ukraine and of some other programs, aimed at elimination of fatherhood crisis and formation of responsible fatherhood in different public circles.

Speakers of the press-conference were:
1. Yuriy Pavlenko Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports;
2. Oleksandr Marchenko - President of International Paternity Center;
3. Valentina Bondarovskaya - Director of International Humanitarian Center Rozrada
4. Yuriy Pidlisnyy Director of Institute of Marriage and Family Life of Ukrainian Catholic University.

Yuriy Pavlenko, the Minister for Family, Youth and Sports, put special emphasis on discussion of the problem of modern understanding of the fathers role. There is over half a million one-parent families in Ukraine for today. Children in such families are mostly brought up by their mothers. However in reality, there is much more families of the type. The today's dynamics demands participation in family life of both mother and father. And the major load should not be carried by women. We must change the understanding of fathers importance and his influence on family! Participation of father in the life of child from his earliest years is the keystone of success, - the Minister noted.

Over 600 persons took part in the Forum, among them: representatives of governmental and public organizations on family affairs in Ukraine, experts in the sphere of religion, education, mass-media representatives and leaders of public opinion, namely: Larisa Kobelyanskaya (head of the Equal Opportunities Program, UNDP), Lesya Orobets (a member of Verkhovna Rada Committee for education and sciences, the head of subcommittee for basic education), Pavel Unguryan (a people's deputy of Ukraine, Block of Julia Timoshenko), Vasyl Kostytskyy (the head of national expert commission for protection of public morality), Viktor Pavlik (an honored artist of Ukraine), Igor Rudoy (a well-known saxophonist), Volodymyr Gryshko (a well-known Ukrainian tenor) and many others.

There are more than a hundred thousand homeless children with parents alive in Ukraine for today. Moreover, the level of juvenile delinquency increases at an ever faster pace. Most evils of the modern society result from fathers absence in the family life and from insufficient bringing-up of human and Christian moral values in children. I believe that the solution of paternity problem in Ukraine must be complex, with participation of government, public organizations and Christian community, - declared Pavel Unguryan, a people's deputy of Ukraine.