International satellite television Viasat is already in Ukraine


On April 16, 2008  ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ organized and held the presentation of Viasat, international brand of satellite television. The presentation was attended by over 60 representatives of national and regional mass-media and by specially invited editors from Sweden.


Viasat is the leading international operator of subscription satellite television, which was founded in Scandinavia in 1991. The service is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Viasat offers nowadays over 50 TV-channels of its own production, being distributed in 24 countries of the world as well as free channels available in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Czechia, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Balkan States. Total number of Viasat viewers in the world amounts to 100 million persons. The service is rendered in Ukraine by Vision TV, the first licensed program service provider of satellite television.

Yana Boyko, PR-manager of Vision TV, has noted: We are grateful to ‘Mainstream’ for the perfect organization of the event and creative approach. I especially liked the idea of creative invitation of guests. I have rarely seen contractors paying so much attention to details which in result give the overall impression about the event. As a customer I didn’t have to worry about any organizational matters. The guys have perfectly handled the task, big thanks to everyone!’


Viasat presentation consisted of two parts: official and informal. Bert Vilborg, representative of Modern Times Group (TM Viasat); Richard Caproni, director (CEO) of Vision TV; Peter Konov, the director on company development of Vision TV; and Alexandra Zholdakova, marketing director of Vision TV, told visitors about Viasat service during the official part. Experts announced the date of subscribers’ connection to the service of satellite television Viasat in Ukraine, the list of TV-channels, prices, and regions of the national dealer network in which the service will be available starting from April 21, 2008.


The official part was continued by a banquet during which all guests had an opportunity not only to communicate with representatives of companies Vision TV, Modern Times Group (TM Viasat), Strong Ukraine and Sirius 4, but also to try Viasat service themselves, as there were 4 plasmas plugged in to the satellite television Viasat in the Sofiyivskiy Grand Hall of ‘Premier Palace’ Hotel where the event took place.


The agency has paid special attention to invitation of guests: actors dressed in the uniform of installers of Viasat service, personally invited all journalists and guests. The invited persons received special invitation cards, signed by the director of Vision TV, and were to leave their autographs on the satellite aerial. The aerial with autographs was been exposed at the presentation as a souvenir and then transferred to the office of Vision TV.


The event gathered the record number of representatives of foreign and Ukrainian mass-media as well as special guests: directors of TV-channels TRK Ukraina, Discovery, ICTV, M1 and M2, TET, 24 Channel.