Presentation of a new distributor of ‘Valio’


‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ held presentation of a new distributor of the world famous Finnish company ‘Valio’ in ‘Picasso’ restaurant of the capital on February 8, 2008.


Objective of the presentation: to present the company ‘Polarys-C’ as the new and exclusive distributor of ‘Valio’, the leading dairy products company of Finland, in Ukraine.


Official part of the event involved reports of the following participants:

  • Mr. Veijo Meriläinen, Executive Vice President of ‘Valio’, International Operations and Innovations. President of European Diary Association.
  • Mr. Ari Ahonen, Export Manager of ‘Valio’, Cheese, Butter and Ingredients.
  • Mr. Sergey Silenko, Director of ‘Polarys-C’.


Mr. Veijo Meriläinen told of the 50-year history of the company successful work in the CIS markets, shared the plans on increase in sales volume and extension of product line. He also outlined the situation in the world market of dairy products and the prospects for Ukrainian producers of the given segment. Mr. Ari Ahonen revealed key strategic tasks for ‘Valio’ in Ukraine. The Export Manager also told to visitors some interesting facts about development of ‘Viola’ brand (cream cheese) which is well-known to Ukrainian buyer for a long time and has won high appreciation due to its excellent quality and refined taste over a few ten years.


‘Distribution of ‘Valio’ products in the domestic market is an honorable and responsible task. We are planning to fulfill the potential of trade marks this year due to application of active marketing technologies and innovative approaches in distribution. I am confident that products of ‘Valio’ will occupy even bigger share of the Ukrainian market’ – Sergey Silenko has noted.


Guests were particularly delighted with a tasty master-class from Mr. Indrek Koze, the Chef of ‘Valio Baltic’ company. Guests got an opportunity not only to enjoy the dishes of Scandinavian cuisine, but also to take part in their creation. Mr. Koze, the star of culinary art, has been working with ‘Valio Baltic’ as an expert for many years and develops the new recipes on his own.


Secret of the event success consist in original idea and thorough preparation of all organizational questions. The exclusive atmosphere was achieved through combination of official and entertaining parts, which were balanced by harmony of the Finnish style. Even invitation of visitors involved some elements of show: a blond girl Viola, just like on the packing of corresponding cheese, came to offices of each guest with a small basket of tasty gifts, a bouquet of blue flowers and an invitation to the event. Team of the agency did manage to create an island of Finland in the heartland of Kiev. Incredible Nataliya Anikina, well-known for participation in TV-program ‘Smachni Prygody’ (‘Tasty Adventures’) on Novy Kanal, was the initiator of good mood and the M.C. of the event. Guests of the event were enjoying the smart decor of the restaurant, fine national music, excellent service, banquet with refined delicacies only, and communication with each other. Flavored liquor ‘Lapponia Lakka Cloudberry’, having been specially brought from the country of thousand lakes, hit the taste of the guests. Representatives of national retail networks and supermarkets as well as editors of specialized food editions were the honorary guests of the event.



1. ‘Valio’ Ltd. is the Finnish dairy producer with annual turnover in ?1.6 billion, foreign markets account for one-third of which. The company is the market leader in all key dairy product groups in Finland and is the pioneer in the world market in the field of functional products development. The company belongs to 22 cooperative societies of dairy producers. The company’s share amounts to 86% of all dairy production of Finland (about 2 million tonnes a year). Valio’ owns 15 plants in Finland, 2 plants in Estonia and cheese packing production in Belgium. Valio’ Group operates in Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States, as well as a representative office in China. The company has been working in Ukraine more than 50 years. It supplies ‘Viola’ TM cream and cottage cheeses, ‘Oltermanni’ TM cheese, and ‘Valio’ TM butter to the domestic market for today.


2. ‘Polarys-C’ Ltd is an official distributor of ‘Valio’ in Ukraine. The company was founded in October, 2007. Silenko Sergey Pavlovich is the General Director. ‘Polarys-C’ imports and distributes ‘Valio’ trade marks in Ukraine by means of direct sales to retail operators, the network of which is being actively developed by the company. ‘Polarys-C’ cooperates with over 400 supermarkets throughout the territory of Ukraine for today. The key marketing challenges of the company for 2008 are: maximization of quantitative and qualitative distribution, extension of product line and increase in share of ‘Valio’ trade marks in different product categories.