Employees of ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ PR-agency took part in the International Conference ‘Leadership Coach Training’ which took place in the Netherlands on November 2-7, 2007 and was organized by CBMC Nederland.


‘Donbass Fuel-Energy Company’ (DTEK) with support of ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ held a meeting of journalists and top-management at the ranch ‘Wild West’ on September 28, 2007.


‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ will sponsor the 21st Exhibition-Contest of Art and Documentary Photos ‘Ukraino moya, Ukraino’, which will take place in the National Literature Museum of Ukraine on August 20, 2007.


‘Aerostar – 10 years around the world’ is the name of the event held by ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ for 200 employees of Ukrainian Air Carrier ‘Aerostar’, which took place in Koncha Zaspa on August 18, 2007.


‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ has won the tender of State Enterprise NNEGC ‘Energoatom’ for provision of information and analytic services.